The pet adoption matching app that uses a comprehensive algorithm to connect adopters with their perfect furry match, reducing overpopulation in animal shelters and promoting responsible pet ownership.

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Madison Fink: Trademark Development
Caitlin Corkran: Design Research, Trademark Development
Jared Bloom: Prototyping & Wireframing

Brand Identity

Defining the Problem

Boop is trying to solve is the challenge of successfully matching pets with suitable owners for lifelong ownership. Many pets end up in shelters due to a variety of reasons such as abandonment, neglect, or a change in their owner’s circumstances. This leads to overpopulation in shelters, which can result in high euthanasia rates and limited resources for animals in need. In addition, pets that are not successfully matched with the right owner may end up being returned to the shelter or abandoned, perpetuating the cycle of overpopulation.


Boop’s goal is to leverage technology to create a personalized adoption experience that matches adopters with the perfect pet for their lifestyle and preferences. By doing so, Boop aims to reduce the number of pets returned to shelters and contribute to the reduction of overpopulation.


Adopter Insights

“I live in a small apartment and I’m not sure if the pet I want will be happy there.” 

College Student

“I adopted a pet once but I didn’t get enough help from the shelter and ended up with a pet that didnt fit my lifestyle.


“I really want a pet, but I’m kinda clueless on how to take care of one. Id need a crash course!

Young Adult


Animal Shelter Insights

“We want the pets we adopt out to find their forever homes. Its heartbreaking to see them come back to the shelter because of a mismatch.

Shelter Manager

“It’s hard to get a complete picture of the pets’ health and behavior in a shelter environment. We worry that some pets may have issues that we cant detect.

Animal Care Technician

“I try my best to provide as much support and guidance as possible during the adoption process, but we’re stretched thin and can’t always give individualized attention to each adopter.

Adoption Coordinator



For many people, the process of adopting a pet can be daunting and overwhelming, particularly for those who are new to pet ownership. Prospective pet parents face a range of challenges, including identifying the right breed, age, and temperament of pet to fit their lifestyle, as well as navigating the complex and time-consuming process of visiting shelters or rescue organizations to find a match. Additionally, many people may not be aware of the responsibility and commitment required for pet ownership, including the financial and emotional investment needed to provide a loving and nurturing home.


Who are we designing for?


How Might We...?



The boop pet adoption app which provides a streamlined, user-friendly platform that connects adoptable pets with potential pet parents based on their lifestyle, preferences, and personality traits. This makes the adoption process more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone involved, ensuring that future pet owners can find the perfect companion to share life's adventures with. Thus, making it easier for shelters to match pets with loving homes, reducing overcrowding and promoting responsible pet ownership, and ultimately, reducing the need for euthanasia.




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